New Windows Azure Cache


New Windows Azure Cache Windows Azure Cache gives you access to dedicated cache that is managed by Microsoft. By using this distributed, in-memory, scalable solution, you can build highly scalable and responsive applications with super-fast access to data. A cache created using the Cache Service is accessible from applications running on Windows Azure Web Sites, web and worker roles, and Virtual Machines.

The new service differs from the old Windows Azure Shared Caching Service in several key ways:  

•    No transaction limits. Customers now pay based on cache size only, not transactions.  

•    Dedicated cache. The new service offers dedicated cache for customers who need it.  

•    Better management. Cache provisioning and management is done through the new Windows Azure Management Portal rather than from the old Microsoft Silverlight–based portal.  

•    Better pricing. The new service offers better pricing at nearly every price point. Customers using large cache sizes and high transaction volumes gain a major cost savings.

For more information, visit the Windows Azure Cache website:

Windows Azure Cache is available in three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Your pricing for the three tiers can be found in the table below. For more information about the pricing of Windows Azure Cache tiers, please see the Cache Pricing Details page:


For more information and a free consult, please contact Henson Group at or 800-980-1130.


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