What is Hybrid Storage?


Big Data is getting bigger all the time. The demand for storage capacity is rising 80 to 100 percent per year – and we haven’t even begun to hit our stride. The data deluge won’t just be big, it will be mind-boggling.

What’s more, organizations are constantly adding more applications: databases, analytics and virtualization that require exceptional I/O performance and low latency to meet the rapid response times your business demands.

So what is Hybrid storage and how can it help? Hybrid storage is a new category of primary data storage that leverages multi-core processors, DRAM, solid-state drives (SSD) and large capacity hard disk drives (HDD) with advanced “secret sauce” software in a potent combination that scales up capacity non-disruptively and provides the high performance that many applications need. Every kind of storage provider from big names to start-ups is entering the hybrid field.

Hybrid storage is today’s most powerful tool for handling the overwhelming data growth and extreme performance requirements that organizations face.

For more information and a free consult on planning a Hybrid storage deployment, please contact Henson Group at http://www.thehensongroup.com/Pages/Default.aspx or 800-980-1130.


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